Soft Vintage Transfers

Our Soft Vintage transfers are our softest transfer, and they perform like a hot split rather than a hot peel.  With hot split transfers, most of the ink is transferred to the product while the remainder is left on the transfer paper.  The splitting of the ink is what gives it such a soft feel, since less ink is ultimately left on the garment.  In fact, the design will soften more each time it is washed.  We offer over 60 stock colors as well as PMS color matching for Soft Vintage transfers.

Our Soft Vintage transfers should be pressed at 375 degrees for 8-10 seconds with medium-to-heavy pressure.  Because they are a hot split transfer, they must be peeled almost immediately after pressing.  Our Soft Vintage transfers will look their best on light-colored garments, though they can sometimes be used on darker shirts.  This is because the colors of darker garments are likely to show through the ink since there is less of it than a typical transfer like our Opaque Hot Peel.

Our Soft Vintage transfers have two great features: their softness and the vintage look that comes with their partial ink transfer.  When those features are combined with the wide array of colors offered, our Soft Vintage transfers are great for printing all types of designs.  As softer shirts are becoming more and more popular, customers really respond to the soft feel of these transfers.

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