Full Color Darks

Our Full Color Dark Transfers are exactly what they sound like full color with very few limitations. Our Full Color Transfers are printed using a CMYK printing process in which Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black Ink are printed on top of one another to create an extremely wide gamut of colors. Our Full Color Transfers are designed to be pressed at 375* for 9-10 seconds with medium-heavy pressure and peeled hot. For an additional charge the transfer can be printed so that it can be pressed at 330* for pressing onto heat sensitive materials.

Our Full Color Dark transfers are printed with a white underbase so that they will be opaque on any color garment. Because the transfers require a white underbase they are more expensive than our Full Color Light Transfers.  So while our Full Color Darks offers more versatility as far as print color they do cost more than oru Full Color Lights. The price for our Full Color transfers are not determined by the amount of colors in the artwork and instead completely dependent on the amount of sheets being ordered which require much more labor than most transfers.

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